TONIGHT! Alma Mater Productions is pleased to present cult night at the Kimball featuring Donnie Darko on Thursday January 31st! 

The Kimball theater is on Duke of Gloucester street & the cost is only $3.00!
Showtime is 10:30pm - hope to see you there!

Check out this trailer for our “Film and Youth” Fall Event with the Global Film Festival! Saturday November 10th, at the Kimball Theater. If you like movies like #thehollywoodcomplex and #moonrisekingdom , don’t miss this event! More info: 

Remember this video? Well it was written and edited by W&M alum Sara Schaefer and stars Schaefer with fellow W&M alum Carmen Lynch!

Want to see more of these two hilarious comedians? Check them out on November 8th in Commonwealth auditorium from 10 pm-12 am. Entrance is FREE with a W&M ID and $5 for the public. 

InterBREW with Hannah Goad


Meet Hannah Goad, a junior at the College majoring in Archaeology. This week, Hannah will be playing at our second Homebrew of the semester, BarnBrew. Since we are so excited about her performance, we wanted to share a sneak preview with you—read on and learn more about Hannah and her love for music!

Is this your first Homebrew?

Yes!  I just transferred last year from UVA.

Well, we’re super excited to have you!

How long have you been playing?

I’ve been fiddling around with guitar since middle school. My parents had a classical guitar that I would try and play when I was little. I have been playing piano a couple of years. I recently learned how to play one note at a time on bass. Also, ukulele and banjo!

What’s your favorite kind of stuff to play?

I like tabbing music because I like to figure out what an artist is playing…especially if its really complex. Folks-y, open tuning. Laura Marling is probably one of my favorite guitar influences – I’ll be playing more of her at my Homebrew. The whole English folk scene has influenced me a lot.

Fun fact?

I speak Spanish and Italian. I can cross my eyes, too. But not when I’m smiling, because then I just look too strange. 

Favorite song?

It changes a lot—whatever is new and difficult. This Scott Matthews’ song, “Eyes Wider Than Before”, is really tricky, but I like it.


Check out Hannah’s personal music page, and come out to see her and more great performers at BarnBrew, this Thursday, 8-11 PM in Lodge 1!

Interview with Comedian Jasper Redd

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see comedian Jasper Redd on Friday! Still hankering to learn a bit more about the comedian? Comedy committee member Claire Favret was able to sit down with Jasper for a quick interview before he hit the stage.

CF: First off, who are you wearing?

JR: Old Navy with a bit of American Eagle Outfitters, nike shoes, and a White Sox hat.

CF: I hear that your birth name is not actually Jasper Redd. Would you mind telling us how you came up with your stage name?

JR: Jasper is an old-timey name. When I wanted to be a comedian, I knew I wanted a stage name and it popped into my head because you don’t hear it too often. I looked up the meaning and found out it’s a name for a male and also means a shade of red. And than I added red and put on the extra D  (Redd) so it wouldn’t be too obvious to people who are up on their colors.

CF: How did you get into comedy and how long have you known you wanted to be a comedian?

JR: I got into comedy as a last resort. I first wanted to be a cartoonist/ animator. As I grew up, that changed to doing music. I tried that for a while. I had a home studio. But the thing is to make it in music, you need talent, and I didn’t have that. I was also working a job as a janitor at the time. People always had told me I was goofy and silly, but I thought comedy was difficult- it’s not just being funny with your friends. So after failing at a lot of things, I started jotting jokes down at work as a janitor. Some of the jokes you hear tonight will be from the note pad- really old. I’ve always been a fan of comedy, and I just decided to give it a shot.

CF: Describe the best show and worst show you’ve ever performed.

JR: That’s easy. The best show is a good show. If people walk away having had a good time, not offended, it’s a good time. My worst show was when I was still green. I had been doing comedy for about 6 months in San Francisco. I had a connection to this place called the Rumba Room, which had a talent showcase for rappers- HARDCORE rappers. Somehow they decided to throw me in the mix of these rappers- they put me in there after about 15 rappers. I don’t think I even got my name out before they started booing. They booed the whole time. That’s the worst it’s ever been. It’s never been more hostile.

CF: Favorite dessert?

JR: Cheesecake. I have a serious sweet tooth.

CF: What Disney character are you most like?

JR: Pinocchio. I used to like to stretch the truth and exaggerate a bit as a little boy.

CF: Fill in the blank. If I weren’t a comedian, I’d be ________.

JR: Thinking about it now, a lawyer. Being a comedian, you have to look at things from a lot of perspectives. You always see two sides of the coin. I feel like I could see all sides of the case. 


   Be on the lookout for our next comedian, Rob Gleeson, on October 20 in Lodge 1!